Asia, which comprises the highest percentage of the world’s population (an astounding 60%!). Asia and China also have the largest betting community. And while Asia follows the world of iGaming, constantly evolving and rapidly replacing the old with the new. They are also steadfast in preserving their ancient forms of gambling games, particularly the classics that have been played for generations on the Asian continent.

Many modern casino games have their roots in ancient east Asian games or have been influenced by Asia in some way. Asians are well known for their appreciation of heritage. It should be no surprise that they have preserved classic Asian games and given them a modern twist.

Here Are Today’s Most Popular Chinese Casino And Asian Gambling Games:


What exactly is Mahjong?

Mahjong is a classic Asian table game still played in land-based casinos and is moderately popular outside of Asia. The game is played with 136 tiles and dice by four players. A dice roll determines the dealer, and the game progresses from there.

Mahjong, one of the most well-known ancient Asian gambling games, is a strategy game emphasizing concentration. The game has remained an integral element of Asian society until the present day.

Sic Bo

What exactly is Sic Bo?

Sic Bo, one of the oldest Chinese gambling games, is a fast-paced game of pure chance, as its name suggests (Sic Bo translates to “valuable dice”). This classic Chinese game has endured for millennia as an integral component of Chinese culture, securing a place in casinos throughout Asia.

Sic Bo has also reached western and international gamblers. It can be found on casino floors in Nevada and in many online casinos worldwide; before selecting your next online casino, whether or not it provides Sic Bo, be sure to consult our online casino guide for the greatest experience.


What exactly is Keno?

Keno, an ancient Chinese gambling game, is a significant aspect of Chinese history. According to legend, the game of Keno originated during wartime when individuals needed to raise money. Even more intriguing is the legend that the Great Wall of China was constructed through Keno. From a contemporary standpoint, Keno resembles the lottery and bingo. One round of Keno takes between ten and fifteen minutes.

Pai Gow (and Pai Gow Poker)

What exactly is Pai Gow?

Experience celebrity status Pai Gow, like Sic Bo, is a Chinese gambling game played millennia in Asia and is closely associated with Asian culture. Intriguingly, Pai Gow is still played almost exclusively by Asian professionals and novices. The game is difficult to learn. However, dealers typically offer assistance if they observe a player struggling.

Given that it is one of the most popular Chinese table games, the West’s interest in it is hardly surprising. Pai Gow Poker, an Americanized variation of Pai Gow, is favored by western nations.


What exactly is Fan-Tan?

Fan-Tan, or fantan, is a game of pure chance that resembles roulette and is played primarily in East Asia. The Chinese enjoy playing Fan-Tan, which is why the game may be found in local casinos, gambling houses, and certain Nevada casinos.

Chinese Poker

What exactly is a Chinese Poker?

Chinese Poker is a unique Chinese casino card game in which players are given 13 cards instead of the standard two in Hold ’em. Chinese Poker does not resemble its standard counterparts in terms of gameplay, such as Hold ’em, Omaha, or Stud poker. However, knowing how traditional poker is played can be a solid foundation for learning how to play and enjoy Chinese Poker.

Niu Niu

What exactly is Niu Niu?

In contrast to American casinos, Niu Niu is a huge hit in southeast Asian casinos. As the history of online gambling evolves, an increasing number of online casinos that cater to Asian gamblers provide the game with amazing success.

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