Arlott may not be an assassin in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, but he is no slacker. The fighter hero can dash several times on the battlefield and plays like an assassin. In addition, he possesses various crowd-controlling abilities that can stun all opponent heroes in his path. On the battlefield, facing the Lone Spear is not easy, but there are some exceptions.

These three heroes can prevent Arlott from switching to beast mode in rank matches.

Three Heroes against Arlott

  1. Phoveus
    Using his second ability, Vengeance, Arlott can dash numerous times, making him similar to assassin heroes. If you play Phoveus against him in the EXP lane, it can be good news.

    Phoveus is the scourge of all agile heroes in the game. He may frequently use his ultimate ability, Demonic Power, to mark adversaries and leap onto them to inflict damage. In addition, the cooldown of his ultimate is reduced when an enemy hero uses a dash or blink skill nearby.

    So, Arlott will be obliged to play it safe and refrain from activating his dash ability near you, giving you an advantage throughout the laning phase. To win this game, you must complete Clock of Destiny for increased survivability and damage. If Arlott has the advantage in the lane matchup, consider purchasing Warrior Boots first.
  • Thamuz
    Do you know what surpasses two spears? There are two scythes. Arlott’s vulnerability is during the laning phase, when he lacks all of his skills and core items, the exact opposite of the fighting hero Thamuz. Even without gear, Lord Lava is undoubtedly one of the greatest EXP laners in the first five minutes, capable of destroying anyone who tries to stand in his path.

    Whenever Arlott attempts to farm or harass you during the laning phase, you should freeze the initial minion wave and fight back. Thamuz is always victorious in these circumstances unless the opposition jungle or midlaner frequently visits the EXP lane.

    If you are well ahead in the game, choose items with an on-hit effect, such as the Corrosion Scythe. Alternatively, use the Sunfire Cape for its defensive bonuses.
  • Yu Zhong
    Yu Zhong thrives in the lane and 1v1 scenarios, making him a strong opponent for Arlott. His capacity to soak up damage and regenerate lost HP as combat carries on can pose significant issues for the Lone Spear.

    In addition, Yu Zhong is difficult to pin down due to his Furious Drive and Black Dragon Form skills. As he obtains Hunter’s Strike and War Axe, two weapons that improve his movement speed in team battles, Arlott finds it even more difficult to stay up.

    Yu Zhong is an excellent hero who can consistently dominate Arlott in 1v1 situations throughout the game.

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